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About Us

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Citizens Association for Child Rights-CACR , is a network of like minded citizens concerned about ensuring child rights with specific focus on ensuring good quality of education and health for all children.

The network comprises of citizens who will visit neighbourhood municipal schools and clinics, and participate in various programmes like School Management Committees, Computer Literacy Programme and Virtual Classroom projects, etc. and oversee the overall functioning and quality of education in municipal schools.

We at CACR believe that regular interaction and discussions with the hierarchy of the Education Department and sharing of observations and suggestions with them periodically will ensure improved accountability and proper distribution of facilities and amenities for children enrolled in these schools.

Citizens Association for Child Rights very strongly believes in supplementing the system and does not believe in creating parallel systems. We believe that the urban privileged public has immense power to influence and impact the lives of affected children for the better through government interface and participation.

In each ward we are a group of like-minded people who volunteer for this issue.

The network is being formed in Mumbai in the following Municipal Wards:-

  • H {west }ward of Mumbai covering Bandra (w), Khar (w) and Santacruz (w)
  • M {west} ward covering Chembur, Ghatkopar and Mankurd
  • H { east} ward comprising of Bandra (e), Khar (e) and Santacruz (e) east including Kalina and Vakola
  • K {east} ward covering Andheri (e), Vile Parle (e), and Jogeshwari (e)
  • K {west} ward covering Andheri (w) and Vile Parle west including Juhu.

The effort is to build a locality based effort to address the issues affecting children and underprivileged communities.

Short Term Goals

  • Enrol children in BMC schools.
  • Ensure student retention in schools.
  • Extend civil rights (ration cards, housing etc.) to deprived communities.
  • Activate systems under the Right to Health.

Long Term Goals

  • Build a voice for affected children and community rights.
  • Build a network of urban citizens to be able to take on the role of demanding accountability and better advocacy.


Education is a fundamental right in India and only the government has the resources and reach to take education to all children. Besides education rendered by the State is to be secular and a means of integrating society by working to bring children of all castes, classes, gender and religions together. Schooling provided by the State has a vision of creating a just society. Can you afford to undo this in today’s time?

Agree that the government schooling system is crumbling. But there is hope if we take action and participate in the efficient running of schools from infrastructure to learning. At least we can try and start from our neighbourhood municipal school. If we succeed, we would have strengthened the system and made it possible for many more children to experience formal education. If we fail, we know we at least tried to exercise our democratic right.

There can be no change without a dream, a hope and an effort. If one wants to ensure that justice is done then one has to participate as a ‘rights conscious citizen’ demanding what ought to be.

If you pay taxes and are concerned about roads, electricity, water, garbage disposal, infrastructure etc. then so also be concerned about education and all other child rights issues. It is our duty to build a child rights sensitive India.

CACR has taken on as its focus the ‘Right to Education’

Education became a fundamental right in the year 2001. It is the right of every child to have access to free, equal and good quality education! Several government schemes and initiatives have been taken up to ensure children go to school but opportunities and conditions of schooling remain unequal.

Let us work together with the Education Department to improve the quality of education in all BMC schools.

We have devised a set of ‘Monitoring Indicators’ that we use while we visit Municipal schools to collect data about the functioning of the school. This data is then shared with all members of CACR and with the Education department. Further action on effective implementation of schemes and ensuring quality education for all children is to be planned and implemented together.

Our Organization

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CACR-Cititzens Action for Child Rights is a network of like minded citizens concerned about ensuring child rights with specific focus on ensuring good quality of education and health for all children.

We are a Section 25 company. Most other NGOs are registered with Charity Commissioner. We are registered as a Private Ltd. Not for Profit Company.

Section 25 companies have the most reliable strongest organizational structure. They are those companies which are formed for the sole purpose of promoting commerce, art, science, religion, charity or any other useful object and have been granted a licence by the central government recognizing them as such.

Thus, there are three criteria for determining whether a particular company is section 25 company or not:

  • Its objects should be only to promote commerce, art, science, religion, charity or any other useful object.
  • It should intend to apply its profits or other incomes only in promoting its objects.
  • Central government should have granted a licence to such a company recognizing them as such, these types of companies can be either public company or private company having a limited liability.

A section 25 company has to adhere to all rules and regulations of the company’s act and there will be a transparency in our working. Our financial records and details will be available for public view on our website.

Since CACR is a citizen’s movement for child rights, education and health all Like-minded individuals passionate about these causes are welcome to volunteer with us.

Our USP is also that we don’t aim to take over the system or establish our own parallel schools. Our aim is to the make the system robust by increasing accountability; public opinion and awareness. We directly participate and improve the functioning of BMC School by collaborating with the BMC Education department. We do not take any funds from the BMC to run the schools nor occupy any space in Municipal buildings.

Presently we are a core team of 5 members and an excellent set of partner institutions like ADAPT, Enactus HR College , Rotaract Ruia college , V Citizens association. etc

CACR as a non-profit organisation strives to make a lasting change in the quality of education and health of students from the Economically Weak Section and studying in Government/Corporation schools. We aim to make the system self-sufficient and efficient through public participation.

Each core member at CACR brings his/her unique set of skills on board and has a trust and belief in CACR’s mission.

Our Board of Directors

These wonderfull people make it all possible!
Nitin Wadhwani
Mr. Nitin Wadhwani
Founder - Director

Nitin is a Science graduate from Mumbai, with a Diploma in Radio Electronics. From time to time he keeps on interacting with concerned authorities in the Education Department for overall improvement in functioning and quality education in Government Schools for underprivileged children.

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Indira  Malkani
Mrs. Indrani Malkani

Indrani Malkani nee Mukherjee was born in Calcutta (Kolkata) and graduated from Loreto College .She has recently received the Loreto College – Alumnae Achiever’s Award – Centenary Year in February 2012.

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MP Singh
Mr. Mohinder Pal Singh Bachher

Mohinder Pal Singh Bachher is a businessman trained in Marine equipment Sales & Support.Mr. M.P.SINGH has been the Past President of the Rotary Club of Bombay Bandra and is involved in many social activities looking after the under privileged.

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Our ADVISORY Committee

This wonderfull people make it all possible


Anandini Thakoor
Mrs. Anandini Thakoor

Anandini Thakoor has been actively involved in social initiatives and public service for more than 50 years now. She has been associated with many NGO’s ,ALM’s, and Citizens groups such as Khar Resident Association, AGNI, H-west ward Citizen’s Trust and Bal Jeevan Trust among many others.

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Lara Shankar
Mrs. Lara Shankar Chandra

Lara Shankar is a child rights and child development professional. She has many years of experience in the field of child rights, child protection, community development and education. Herself a founder member of CACR she holds citizen activism and the fight for justice for children very close to her heart.

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Mohindru Mirchandani
Mr. Mohindru Mirchandani

Mohindru Michandani has been part of CACR since its early days helping in various projects like Computer Litreacy & Spoken English Projects.

Shubhangini  A Joshi
Mrs. Shubhangini A. Joshi

Mrs Shubhangini A Joshi is a Masters in Home Science with a major in Foods & Nutrition. She has also done a Post graduate diploma in Education Management.

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Ashwinkumar Shetty
Rtn. Ashwinkumar Shetty

Graduated in Civil Engineering from the renowned VJTI in 1978 and after a span of three decades completed his Masters in Constitutional Law from Mumbai University. Presently practising as Techno Legal Consultant and is on the Panel of all leading Banks and Financial Institutions as Evaluator.

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Suraj Lala
Mr. Suraj Lala

Mr Suraj K Lala is a chartered Accountant by profession with around 18 plus years of experience in varied areas of accountancy, audit, taxation,finance & human resource.

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Ms. Chhaya Subhashchandra Angadi
Ms. Chhaya Subhashchandra Angadi

Ms. Chhaya Angadi is Msc in Microbiology. She has been teaching the subject since 33 years and has completed 5 years of Research. She was the Elected member of senate, S.N.D.T. Women’s University. For “Science & Technology” 1985-1991. Also she has been The Personal Relations Officer for Association Of Medical Technologists(WI) since 2001.

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Our Vision

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CACR aspires to be one of the most credible and respected NGOs in the field of education and healthcare rights of children. By working within the framework of the education system, strengthening it and not creating parallel systems, CACR aims to ensure the best possible quality of education and healthcare for underprivileged children.

Our Mission

CACR’s mission is to get like-minded citizens to take active part in improving the system of education and healthcare for underprivileged children, improving accountability in the system and to become a strong and credible voice in demanding rights for underprivileged children.


The network is being formed in Mumbai in the following Municipal Wards:-

  • Ensure increased student enrolment in MCGM Schools.
  • Work towards student retention in Schools.
  • Extend basic civic rights to marginalised communities.
  • Work out processes for ensuring right to healthcare.
  • Demand rehabilitation of children who are presently employed by businesses in violation of the Child Labour Act.
  • Essential educational necessities of handicapped and special children are met.

Short & Long Term Goals

CACR has also identified, as part of its targeted intervention, some short and long term goals. While we believe that sharing monitoring and evaluation reports will go a long way in fixing the lacunae in the system, we also would like to focus on short term goals that can immediately help the children in the MCGM Schools. These inputs are given to the teaching staff during formal meetings of the education department and they include RTE training, teacher training, method to conduct enrolment drives and spoken English classes. These initiatives take note of the fact that often short term activities help utilise the existing infrastructure and help motivate the staff. Particularly, the English speaking classes and the Computer Literacy Initiative have been able to arrest dropout of children from vernacular backgrounds.

Monitoring Indicators

In order to achieve a desired level of accountability CACR has employed a unique tool – Monitoring Indicators. These Monitoring Indicators for infrastructure, curriculum, midday meals, have been devised after careful consideration with the education department as well as the communities benefitting from these schemes. Our team of members and volunteers visit Schools to collect data and then measure the performance of each School by employing these monitoring indicators. These parameters ensure that there is a standard mechanism to evaluate problems. This data and analysis is then shared with all the members of our organisation as well as with the Education Department. This is followed up with further planning and implementation of activities together with the very people with whom the report is shared.