Anandini Thakoor

Mrs. Anandini Thakoor

CACR Advisory Board
Brief info

Anandini Thakoor has been actively involved in social initiatives and public service for more than 50 years now.

She has been associated with many NGO’s ,ALM’s, and Citizens groups such as Khar Resident Association, AGNI, H-west ward Citizen’s Trust and Bal Jeevan Trust among many others.

She is the Chairperson of organisations like St. Anthony’s Sport Academy, Kamlabai Nimbar Library and City Concerns and the Coordinator for Mohalla Committee.

She is also the member of Road Safety Advisory Committee and the president of BTUA- Bombay Telephone Users Association.

She had been committed to the causes of good governance and children’s education and continues to zealously support and guide the citizen groups and non profits working in these areas.