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Computer Literacy Program

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Aim: To empower at least one person, per household, with the necessary digital skills to upgrade their computer basics like MS office, Excel and Power Point.

  • To help BRIDGE THE GAP of digital literacy.
  • To help BMC students GAIN employable skills.
  • To enhance the Teaching-Learning process.
  • Long-term goal of the BMC is to make their operations paperless.
  • The National Digital Literacy Mission aims to empower at least one person per household with crucial digital skills by 2020 by developing the technical skills like MS office, Excel and Power Point.
  • CACR is implementing this program since 2013.
  • In the year 2013, a survey was conducted & it was found that there is lot of computer hardware equipment in the school that are not utilized by staff and is not being used to train students.
  • It was found that, even trained teachers were not capable of training children in computer usage.
  • It was understood that rather than techniques or tools that required high end technology as well as expertise, a simple & inexpensive way will be a better approach towards understanding of computers.
  • This brought the idea of basic IT skill Training program without the need of skilled instructor.
  • CACR developed a 10 week project training module for the same.
  • CLP was started in the year 2013 in collaboration with IIT-B for 2 years until 2015. During this period, CACR helped in implementation of SPOKEN TUTORIAL Program by self – learning audio compact disks about basics of computer in various languages.
  • From June 2015 onwards, CACR started collaborating with BMC schools and implemented the project for BMC students by taking 1 hr sessions per week in the school for 8 to 10 week.
  • This project is targeted for 11-14 years old children.
  • We have targeted 4-8th std children for this program as it is seen that they have interest in learning computers.
  • We conduct the program across all 7 mediums in BMC schools.
  • Practical hands on experience is the main focus of this programme, rather than too much of theory.
  • CACR is the only NGO which has received permission to implement CLP in 147 municipal schools across Mumbai having computer labs.
  • Volunteers visit the schools to talk to the administrative staff and check the condition of lab.
  • Once, the lab conditions are checked & the authorities are explained about the program, a timetable is made so that the program can be implemented without affecting the studies of the students.
  • A weekly step by step program has been designed to cover Introduction, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Short Cut to Keys etc.
Qualitative Impact: First-time COMPUTER USERS
  • Students have improved in their Technical skills.
  • They made presentations using PowerPoint & have used Word to design Posters.
  • They have learned to type, edit and save their documents and presentations.
  • Students are more interested in learning via PowerPoint presentations rather traditional chalk board method, as it gives them a visual appeal.
Quantitative Impact : Beneficiaries: - 9934 students in 114 schools
Year School No of Students
2013-14 11 1300
2014-15 21 1400
2015-16 25 2100
2016-17 27 2095
2017-18 30 3039
Total 114 9934