A Note from The Founder

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Nitin Wadhwani

Greetings to all, I’m proud to acknowledge that it has been a very positive year for our NGO CACR, not only did we manage to execute most of our projects well, but we also now have a fairly strong connect with the MCGM Education Department in Mumbai.

CACR is probably unique in its approach, operating within the framework of the MCGM Education System while questioning the concerned authorities simultaneously, striving for accountability on all levels. Our various suggestions regarding requirement of education from pre-primary to Class X in every Municipal School, providing varied and quality mid-day meals through Centralised Kitchens, etc. have been taken seriously by the authorities and we will put in all our efforts for their proper implementation during this academic year.

We also recognise the need for interacting with our political representatives and sensitizing them about the importance of ensuring quality education as well as health care services for the children enrolled in Municipal Schools.

With a lot of new interesting projects designed, like the introduction of skills based vocational training, regular health check-ups, educational trips for children to various places like Nehru Planetarium, getting support from NSS for greater outreach in implementing the existing Computer Literacy Programme, increasing the Spoken English Programme to many more Schools, strengthening our association with CFSI and Enactus HR, and getting support from the reputed J J School of Fine Art to help in imparting Art education to children in MCGM Schools, we have a lot of intense work to look forward to.

I must thank each and every member, volunteer and intern, who has participated and helped us to implement these projects during the year and look forward to their continued support. We will continue our efforts to reach out to newer members to further strengthen our network, amplify our voice and uphold the rights of the underprivileged child.

Lastly, I would like to state that NGOs have an important part to play, understanding the various schemes and policies of the MCGM and our Governments, State as well as Central, and ensuring that these reach the actual beneficiaries rather than creating parallel systems within the MCGM Education System.

CACR is in for the long haul, ensuring accountability in the responsibilities of the MCGM and the Government in providing free, compulsory and quality education and healthcare to all children. To do this we need all the support we can get. On behalf of all the CACR members I sincerely request for more volunteer involvement and commitment.

Nitin Wadhwani

Founder Director

Email: connect.cacr@gmail.com