A Teacher takes a Hand opens a Mind and touches a Heart.


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To inculcate a behavioural change in students for life, to wash hands with soap (Not just water) at critical times and prevent diseases.

  • ➢ To inculcate the habit of regular hand wash before and after meals, use of toilets and after play.
  • ➢ To sustain this as a life- long habit.
  • ➢ To make students aware of the health advantages of hand washing and the disadvantages if not followed.

Students from lower-socio economic background have increased susceptibility to diseases. The main reason is minimal exposure to good hygiene practices at home. This results in poor health and poor attendance in schools. The students have the habit of washing hands only with water as sometimes soaps are also unavailable.

Handwashing With Soap (HWWS) is a module in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project, in association with UNICEF.


WASH infrastructure survey was done for urban schools and the module was implemented. The change in student’s habits was monitored for over 10 weeks by volunteers and hand wash monitors from amongst the students themselves. This gave them a sense of ownership and onus for their own as well as their peers’ actions.

This programme is implemented for students in two age groups

  1. Students from grades 1- 4
  2. Students from grades 5-10

A great deal of discussions and situational analysis is integrated into these sessions in order to connect them to real life experiences, thus enhancing the module to achieve an effective teaching and learning experience.

Qualitative Impact:

The mind-set and behaviour of students has definitely improved .They make it a point to carry a small soap with them during their school hours.

Quantitative Impact

In year 2016-18, CACR has implemented HWWS program in 70 schools with the help of 260 volunteers. We have been able to reach out to 7496 beneficiaries.

We hope to upscale the program by including more schools and inculcate this healthy habit of hand washing, which will in turn lead to healthy individuals and a healthy society.