Nanjibhai Shah

Mr. Nanjibhai Shah

CACR Advisory Board
Brief info

Born in a small town in the Kutch area of Gujarat, Nanjibhai Shah came to Mumbai in 1970 to become a doctor. Since his financial conditions were not good enough, he couldn’t fulfill his dream. He had two options – either to wait for his financial condition to change or step ahead to change it by hard work. He chose the latter. He worked as a laborer, sold kites and washed vessels, tirelessly keeping in mind his determination to amount to something. In 1980, like many Gujaratis, he decided to open a shop of his own. At the time he had only Rs 5,000 in hand, but like all achievers, this did not hold him back.

He hunted around for space where he could set up shop, railway stations included, nothing satisfying. Then he came to Khar. And luckily for Khar as well as much of the adjoining localities, NeelamFoodland was born. Today Neelam Foodland is a byword for those who want to buy high quality foodstuffs, including rare products that are difficult to procure anywhere else. Trust, for Nanjibhai is the most important USP of his stock for customers. In this way, according to him, he is still living his dream of becoming a doctor by keeping his customers healthy with good food!