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CACR-Cititzens Action for Child Rights is a network of like minded citizens concerned about ensuring child rights with specific focus on ensuring good quality of education and health for all children.

We are a Section 25 company. Most other NGOs are registered with Charity Commissioner. We are registered as a Private Ltd. Not for Profit Company.

Section 25 companies have the most reliable strongest organizational structure. They are those companies which are formed for the sole purpose of promoting commerce, art, science, religion, charity or any other useful object and have been granted a licence by the central government recognizing them as such.

Thus, there are three criteria for determining whether a particular company is section 25 company or not:

  • Its objects should be only to promote commerce, art, science, religion, charity or any other useful object.
  • It should intend to apply its profits or other incomes only in promoting its objects.
  • Central government should have granted a licence to such a company recognizing them as such, these types of companies can be either public company or private company having a limited liability.

A section 25 company has to adhere to all rules and regulations of the company’s act and there will be a transparency in our working. Our financial records and details will be available for public view on our website.

Since CACR is a citizen’s movement for child rights, education and health all Like-minded individuals passionate about these causes are welcome to volunteer with us.

Our USP is also that we don’t aim to take over the system or establish our own parallel schools. Our aim is to the make the system robust by increasing accountability; public opinion and awareness. We directly participate and improve the functioning of BMC School by collaborating with the BMC Education department. We do not take any funds from the BMC to run the schools nor occupy any space in Municipal buildings.

Presently we are a core team of 5 members and an excellent set of partner institutions like ADAPT, Enactus HR College , Rotaract Ruia college , V Citizens association. etc

CACR as a non-profit organisation strives to make a lasting change in the quality of education and health of students from the Economically Weak Section and studying in Government/Corporation schools. We aim to make the system self-sufficient and efficient through public participation.

Each core member at CACR brings his/her unique set of skills on board and has a trust and belief in CACR’s mission.