Richa Singh

Dr Richa Singh

Project Director
Brief info

Richa is a dreamer, doctor, sports fan, amateur painter, and voracious reader. She has completed her graduate degree in Dental Surgery from Mumbai and obtained a professional diploma in management from Thadomal Shahani trust, Mumbai. She also holds a certificates in Management Principles as well as CSR and Value creation from Audencia Nantes School of management.

Richa is passionate about the causes of education and healthcare and she has volunteered with NGOs such as A.G.N.I. and C.R.Y. She has been part of this start-up team from the genesis of this non-profit company and has played an active role to build and expand the impact and reach of the organization ever since.

Richa Says: “CACR is a citizens’ movement to reclaim our government schools that are fast vanishing due to decrease in student enrolment and a decline in quality of education. Come be part of the positive change.”