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Mrs. Shubhangini Joshi

CACR Advisory Committee
Brief info

Mrs Shubhangini A Joshi is a Masters in Home Science with a major in Foods & Nutrition. She has also done a Post graduate diploma in Education Management. She was a lecturer, In-charge Head of the Department of Food Technology and In-charge Principal in Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic, SNDT Women’s University and is now retired after 37 years of service. During her tenure, she was Member of the University Senate, representing Science & Technology, for two terms.

She is the author of the book titled ‘Nutrition & Dietetics’, 4th edition, published by McGraw-Hill Education. She is working for the cause of children affected by HIV/AIDS for more than one decade. She has developed products made with indigenous grains, millets and pulses, useful for alleviating malnutrition.

She has written several articles, given talks on All India Radio, Television, given presentations in Conferences at the National and International level in the realm of Nutrition and Food Technology.