When there is no Vision, there is no Hope.

Our Vision

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CACR aspires to be one of the most credible and respected NGOs in the field of education and healthcare rights of children. By working within the framework of the education system, strengthening it and not creating parallel systems, CACR aims to ensure the best possible quality of education and healthcare for underprivileged children.

Our Mission

CACR’s mission is to get like-minded citizens to take active part in improving the system of education and healthcare for underprivileged children, improving accountability in the system and to become a strong and credible voice in demanding rights for underprivileged children.


The network is being formed in Mumbai in the following Municipal Wards:-

  • Ensure increased student enrolment in MCGM Schools.
  • Work towards student retention in Schools.
  • Extend basic civic rights to marginalised communities.
  • Work out processes for ensuring right to healthcare.
  • Demand rehabilitation of children who are presently employed by businesses in violation of the Child Labour Act.
  • Essential educational necessities of handicapped and special children are met.

Short & Long Term Goals

CACR has also identified, as part of its targeted intervention, some short and long term goals. While we believe that sharing monitoring and evaluation reports will go a long way in fixing the lacunae in the system, we also would like to focus on short term goals that can immediately help the children in the MCGM Schools. These inputs are given to the teaching staff during formal meetings of the education department and they include RTE training, teacher training, method to conduct enrolment drives and spoken English classes. These initiatives take note of the fact that often short term activities help utilise the existing infrastructure and help motivate the staff. Particularly, the English speaking classes and the Computer Literacy Initiative have been able to arrest dropout of children from vernacular backgrounds.

Monitoring Indicators

In order to achieve a desired level of accountability CACR has employed a unique tool – Monitoring Indicators. These Monitoring Indicators for infrastructure, curriculum, midday meals, have been devised after careful consideration with the education department as well as the communities benefitting from these schemes. Our team of members and volunteers visit Schools to collect data and then measure the performance of each School by employing these monitoring indicators. These parameters ensure that there is a standard mechanism to evaluate problems. This data and analysis is then shared with all the members of our organisation as well as with the Education Department. This is followed up with further planning and implementation of activities together with the very people with whom the report is shared.