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'Back to Home - Back to School' - Flood Response in Raigad and Ratnagiri

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  1. In June 2021, floods and landslides claimed several lives and caused heavy damages to the properties. CACR with UNICEF support undertook a campaign to aid rehabilitation for close 12300 of the worst affected families through a campaign called Back to Home and Back to School with the core aim to provide relevant relief material for most affected families including children.
    Location: Mangaon Mahad and Ploadpur in Raigad Districts and Chiplun, Khed, Guhagar in Ratnagiri District.
  2. The kits were conceptualized jointly with help of experts from UNICEF and the implementing partners and consultants to account for the needs of families, especially children, who had already lost one and a half years of school due to the COVID-19 pandemic and were now faced with another disaster. This was done while keeping in mind the key verticals: Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR), WASH, Child Protection, Psychosocial Development, and Education.
    1. Non-Food Items (NFI) kits: HDPE tarpaulin, mosquito ointment, candles, matchbox, toothpaste. toothbrushes, emergency bag for storing important documents.
    2. Hygiene and Dignity Kits: Bucket with handles - 16 liters, 2 plastic mugs, bathing soaps, washing soaps, sanitary pads, NaDcc tablets, lice comb, regular comb, ORS sachet, Zinc sulfate tablets, jerry can, plastic broom, cotton mops, 5 cloth masks, etc.
    3. Developmentally appropriate for learning kit in a bag pack for children aged 3-8 years: Schoolbag, building blocks, modeling clay, measuring stacking cups, crayons.
    4. Developmentally appropriate for learning kit in a backpack for children aged 9-14 years: Schoolbag, water bottle, notebooks, stationery pouch, ruler, 10 pencils, 2 sharpness, 2 erasers, pens, pencil colors, drawing book, coloring book, skipping rope, etc.
    5. PSS kits: Snake and ladders, uno game card, rubber ring, a monopoly in Marathi, leather tambourine, set of 50 storybooks. Outreach data: Refer to page 35 from the attached report. Testimonials: Refer to pages number 34-35.
  3. Kindly download the entire Documentation: Back To Home Back to School